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Solenco has wide range of products for the energy needs for your houses, institutes, offices and factories. We are solution providers for small to large scale solar energy requirements. Let us know your requirement and we will deliver you quality & reliable nergy systems.

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Solar Off-grid Power Plant is a small solar energy generating station for powering any electrical equipments of a building. It generates free energy using solar power, stores in batteries and utilizes to power the electrical appliances. The system will reduce the grid dependency of a building thereby saving electricity bill and providing reliable power.

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Model DC Power Inverter Battery Datasheet
SOLP1K 1000W 1000VA 24V,200Ah Download
SOLP2K 2000W 2000VA 48V,200Ah Download
SOLP3K 3000W 3000VA 72V,200Ah Download
SOLP4K 4000W 4000VA 96V,200Ah Download
SOLP5K 5000W 5000VA 120V,200Ah Download

Customized solutions are also available from 100Wp to 20KWp. For more info please contact us.


Solar Grid-Tied PV Power Plant uses advanced technology to avoid the use of batteries and thereby reducing the initial cost and payback period of the system. The system will generate power at daytime and feed to the loads. This reduces the grid dependency of the electrical load. The system is configured to give priority to solar power. Online solar power plants have long life and low maintenance requirements due to the absence of battery bank.

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Model DC Power Inverter Avg. Generation (KWhr) Datasheet
SOLGR1K 1000W 1000W 1,450 Download
SOLGR2K 2000W 2000W 2,900 Download
SOLGR3K 3000W 3000W 4,350 Download
SOLGP4K 4000W 4000W 5,800 Download
SOLGR5K 5000W 5000W 7,250 Download

Customized solutions are also available from 1Wp to 1MWp. For more info please contact us.


Solar Water Pumping System utilizes the solar energy to run the water pump. It has a solar PV array and a pump controller installed which works with the pump to raise the water from the well. This reduces the pump’s dependency on grid and thus reducing the electricity bill. It is widely used for irrigation purposes.

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Model HP/Power PV Power Daily Discharge (Ltr.) Datasheet
SOLWP1H Download
SOLWP2H Download
SOLWP3H Download
SOLWP4H Download
SOLWP5H Download


Solar LED Street Light is a standalone solar power system. It has uses the advanced LED lighting technology which makes the system energy efficient and gives bright light which is comparable to the conventional street lights. The system generate power using solar PV module mounted on the pole and stores in battery. The stored power is utilized at night to power the LED luminaire. These are suitable for remote places, villages and even urban areas. The application of these lights extend to perimeter lighting of any building.

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Model Wattage(W) Lumens Autonomy Datasheet
SOLSL9W Download
SOLSL12W Download
SOLSL18W Download


Solar Water Heater captures the heat energy from sun and use it to heat the water. An ETC type solar water heater have the cold water running through its evacuated tube collectors. The collectors will capture and transfer the heat to water. The water flows from the storage tank to and from the collectors by Thermosiphon Effect. The storage tank is specially designed to minimize the heat losses and keeps the water hot for a long time.

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Model Capacity Type Datasheet
SOLWH1L Download
SOLWH1-5L Download
SOLWH2L Download
SOLWH2-5L Download
SOLWH3L Download

Site Assessment

Assessment of site resources, feasibility and financial study to get better understanding about the project.


Design of the solution based on the site assessment data. Our expert team evaluates the data to deliver the optimal design.


We have an experienced team of enegineers and management to deliver quality engineering service, sticking to the timelines.

Operation & Maintenance

We undertake operation and maintenance activities of any solar installations.